Cosplay Contest

Cosplay Judges

Main Cosplay Contest will take place on Saturday the 5th at 3:30pm to 5:00pm the last registration form should be turned in by 2:45 pm at the latest to the Night Darling cosplay booth to participate. The Keiki Cosplay Parade will take place on Sunday.

Night Darling is born and raised on Maui. She has been cosplaying for a little over 3 years. She placed 1st at the Maui Matsuri Cosplay showcase in 2015. She has a love for all things nerd culture! Working with some of the top Photographers, Videographers, Makeup artists, and local artists in Hawaii night darling is taking Hawaii cosplay to a new level.

Night Darling will be hosting the First ever Maui Comic Con cosplay contest along with The NERDWatch and Maui Comic and Collectibles. Make sure to bring your “A” Game!


Kyra Karren known as “Kyra” has been a community activist on MAUI for music, youth, and fitness for 10 years! She is the co-owner of art of detail, RYKI, and photo sessions. Back in the 90’s she was a radio host alongside of MAUIWatch co-founder NELDON AZD MAMUAD! These days she is a full time mom of 3 children and still dabbling in her community functions.

Gannon Gilmore was born a child of tranquil and peaceful nobility. He rose to fame, fortune and untold pleasures as writer and publisher of the famous Maui fanzine, Scumbag Tulip, currently in its twentieth year of publishing. He then took that notoriety into the music industry with The Minorities, the second worst punk rock band on Maui as well as the podcasting universe as a professional commentator on Maui’s premier popcultural media group The Nerdwatch. He is also a lover of all things squishy.”

Jen Russo is a tattoo’d booze enthusiast, Intrepid food taster, maui maven, Mauitime contributor, beauty junkie, fashion diva, sewing geek, and badass mama @jenrusso¬†

Kapa has been a nerd since birth and a makeup artist by trade. She enjoys anime, books, cartoons, and video games. As big fan of both fashion and “nerd” culture she has a fascination with cosplay and is so excited to be judging.¬†