Local Artists

THEODORE LEE AKA Theo Lee is a self taught illustrator, sculptor and FX make-up artist. For 4 years he has worked for Billiken USA sculpting model kits and produced licensed Toho characters including Godzilla.

Always willing to learn, he has ventured to comic book conventions meeting and learning from artists, writers and other in the industry. His recent collaborations included doing art with the late Herb Trimpe and most recent and currently, Joe Rubinstein. Currently he is working on projects with other comic book creators.

FRANCINE WALRAVEN is an artist for hire and no stranger to the art of hustle. A freelance artist, she has been doing commissioned artwork for her patrons on Maui and abroad for the last 10 years. With a diverse style and flexible art skills, her “Draw Everyday” mantra has allowed her to create a large body of work that includes, business logos, t-shirt designs, custom paintings portraits and concept art. Her latest project Madame Walraven’s Erotic Coloring Book is set to be released December 2016.

Other projects include the indie zine BabeBuster,a guerilla art organization- Ladies Society for Fine Arts and Mischief, as well as serving as an assist coach to Maui Meaniehune Junior Roller Derby and volunteering with her second family the Maui Roller Girls. Her a low brow style and subversive aesthetic can be seen in her portfolios on IG and FB. Keep your eye out for this up-and-coming artist. A true talent and force to be reckoned with.
@fwalraven @walravenartstuff

TODD BERNARDY is the author and artist of Kukui Project. He Published Kukui Project issue 1 in 2011. Todd Also wrote and drew Disco Thunder Groove Bone in 2012. He has worked on numerous projects since 2008 including web comics, animation, and concept art. Todd has also worked with 7000 BC, a New Mexico Non-profit organization to help promote literacy through comic books and graphic novels. When he isn’t working on his comic, he is illustrating concert posters for newspapers and other advertisements. He lives with his beautiful wife and daughter, in Haiku, Hawaii (Where he eats fruit off the ground that he finds on his walk home, but only after extensive washing).

SHANE O’SHAUGHNESSY, who signs his stuff Rv. Xen because that’s much easier and saves a lot of space, lives in Maui after stints on the East Coast, Midwest,, West Coast, and hell, even the Big Island. Besides making comics about SPUDS MALONE, PRIVATE EYE, he also draws weird hot dogs and men in funny capes, performs in Broadway level musicals like Jekyll and Hyde. He especially enjoys funny hats, pretending he’s a cowboy fighting demons, and exploring. Also, his products are generally considered cash in most places.

BRYAN MAKANA REVELL has been an artist for over thirty years. He was born and raised on the island of Hawaii and is proud of his Native Hawaiian roots. In his lifetime, he has utilized several mediums for his artwork: Charcoal, watercolor, pencil, ink, acrylic, ceramic, air brushing, custom auto painting, body painting and his latest endeavor Comic Creation. He has attended Art institute of California as well as UH Hilo. He is currently working on several projects, one being the artwork and writing for his graphic novel “The Unseen”.

Other projects include “We Kill the Dead” series which recently won Indie horror comic of the year and was nominated for Guinness book of World records. He is currently overseeing a small Indy press publishing company and owning a comic book store all the while still creating and donating art for various causes such as Artists for a Cure, Wounded Warrior project, Heroes against Cancer as well as teaching art during the summer. You could say a bit of an over achiever being named Person of the Year by Time magazine in 2006 he enjoys a good laugh and never gives up encouraging others to make their dreams come true.

AARON NAKAHARA is a fantasy illustrator and game designer born and raised on the island of Maui. He’s done concept illustration work for Warner Brothers Interactive, Collision Studios, Active Gaming Media, White Wolf Publishing, and is currently illustrating cards for Stone Blade Entertainment’s Ascension deck building card game. In his spare time he dabbles with developing games for the iPhone, focusing on Japanese-style RPGs.
Aside from doing fantasy novel covers and promotional art for indie games, Aaron is also working on developing Fields of Eleria, a head-to-head MOBA-inspired card game, set to come out in 2017.

MARK GOULD is the Creator, Writer, and Lead Artist of his book Native Sons: Ring of Fire. Born and raised on Oahu, besides attending The Joe Kubert School for a semester (he missed his daughter too much!!!), he is pretty much self taught. Kalihi raised. He now lives in Kaneohe with his wife and 3 of his 4 children. He finds inspiration from his love of films and other comic book artists, especially his fellow members of The Hawaii Comic Book Alliance. Growing up in Hawaii, you are surrounded by so many diverse cultures, and he fell in love with them all.

KANILA TRIPP is a freelance illustrator. His comics work, includes working as a coloring manager for D.C. Comics and as a senior colorist at Hi-Fi Design. Titles he has worked on include Superman, Wonder Woman, Tangent: Superman’s Reign and Teen Titans Go! for D.C.; X-Men Unlimited, Ultimate Adventures and Marvel Knights 2099 for Marvel; and Invincible and I Hate Gallant Girl for Image Comics.

SAM CAMPOS was born and raised in Hawaii, and was 14 years old when he conceptualized Pineapple Man. A decade later featured him in what would become a critically acclaimed comic books series. Sam went on to teach graphic and sequential art for the University of Hawaii. He’s also worked in television and film, doing fight choreography, costume & weapons design and storyboards.

After picking up and going to work in Hollywood for a time, Sam returned home to develop Dragonfly, a supernatural martial arts series which takes place in Hawaii. The show combines the things he loved while growing up; action movies, Hawaiian legends and science fiction. In the process, he pioneered the use of 3D rapid prototyping technology in costume fabrication.

Founder of the Hawaii Hero Alliance, a group of costumed actors that spread Aloha to children and adults. Also founder of the Hawaii Comic Book Alliance, a group of Artists and publishers. Though still busy with Pineapple Man and Dragonfly, Sam is working on other film projects, directing and editing music videos